India's largest insurance company that believes in helping people live "Sarr Uthake". Currently my main brand at Schbang.  This brand gave me a chance to do what I love 
✒️ scripting and cracking lines 🖋
Women's Day 
The insight for this one was simple. Stemming from a life insight. 
Imagine you see a group of women in a public setting, what do you think they are talking about? 
Well most guesses would be either 
gossiping or talking about something unimportant. 
Well that's the bias... 
Show how we as a society discount women from the fact that they could be talking about finance in a group, 
That's the aim of the film where the protagonist tries to throw the audience off using misdirection. 

Mr. Kismatwala 
A project that was quirky and new for HDFC Life. 
Conceptualized with my seniors and scripted by me 
We came up with the character of Mr. Kismatwala, a man who writes his own luck. 
How? He plans his life with HDFC Life. 
To show this we used exaggeration, where problems and life goals such as inflation, death, and education were personified in quirky ways. 
two films are already live the third one will go up soon!
An extension to the campaign. The objective was to reinforce the takeaway of the films that planning with HDFC Life is the sure-shot way of making you a Kismatwala. 
In the format of KBC but gave it our own twist. This one was fun to script the client gave me unprecedented creative freedom. She even went out of her way and sold this for me to the CMO. 
Also got some one-on-one time with Cyrus Broacha on each script. This gave me a chance to add his nuances and delivery style to each video. 
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Elon Musk twitter takeover
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