Ganesh Chaturthi Campaign

#HealthKaShriGanesh - We created recipe videos based on iconic songs and tunes such as Nashik dhol and the likes that are played in Ganesh Pandals during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai and Maharashtra. The idea behind this line was that let's start a healthy life this Ganesh Chaturthi with Fortune. The campaign gained a lot of traction and was also featured on TV. 

Friendship Day

The idea here was that the best of friendships have the most unlikely and diverse flavours paired together. 
It shows the story of an idli that has moved to Delhi with his family, trying to feel accepted. 
Eid Campaign
The brief was to generate brand love this Eid, but there was a big problem... The pandemic was at its height and there was a morbid mood around everything with festivities at a halt due to the lockdown. The idea was simple, we recreate people's favorite activity during Ramzan of going to their favorite stalls to get Iftari. The only catch - this time your iftari will be made with ghar ka khana by your own beloved moms, sisters, dads, and dadis while we will help you and them make these at home healthier and tastier by giving you the recipes. 

World Smile Day 
What makes you truly smile? Food! What makes you smile more? More food! 
basically the gist of the idea ^. The creative shows a person getting happier and happier as he gets more of his favorite ghar ka khana. 
F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion

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