Britannia Jim Jam Pops
The Biscuit Sent From 
The Future. 

Picture this - it's the year 3024 & humans can't get off their smartphones. 
So much so, that they've built a smartphone into one hand. 
So to eat their favorite Jim Jam they had to re-engineer it for one-handed use, 
and create the most high-tech and efficient biscuit of all time - JIM JAM POP. 
So that's how it started, 
that time of the year there were many UFO sightings and we used the trend in our 
advantage and leaked headlines of UFO sightings where we
hid our biscuit which weirdly looks like a UFO too in plain sight and got influencers to push this narrative. 

Eventually when the whole of social media started buzzing with memes & speculation,
we dropped our film and our pan-India print ad, launching the product (the film was inspired by Apple's Product launches, because why not?) 
This campaign was led by me & and of course my CCO.
So far we've won 7 awards for this campaign.
Topical Work

When the James Webb Telescope topical landed on my morning briefing it was a game changer. The idea showed - how the little sugar crystals on the Jim Jam Biscuit shine like stars.
 The CMO of Britannia (Amit Doshi) loved and reposted on his Linkedin, this post has the highest engagement for Britannia so far*    

Here's some screenshots. 

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